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The terroirs of the VIÑAS DE ALTO SALVADOR’s estates differ from each other and complemented simultaneously.

The grapes of our wines are modeled by the soils of their estates, each one with their own physical characteristics, different drainage velocity and intensity with which they reflect the light and absorb the heat of the sun and a close relation with the local climate. This set generates the so-called “microclimate”, which arises from the location of each vineyard and from the influence of the surrounding ecosystem.

The soils of the VIÑAS DE ALTO SALVADOR’s estates have an exclusively organic management, that is to say without pesticides, insecticides, fungicides or herbicides of any type. We fertilize them only with organic fertilizers and through the use of pastures that naturally contribute their nutrients, excluding chemicals products that are foreign to biotic processes. This care allows the subsistence and proliferation of the beneficial macro and micro flora and fauna of the place.

Our vineyard named FINCA LA SEDE is located in the Central oasis Mendoza, in the district of Alto Salvador, San Martin, Mendoza.

Our vineyard named FINCA DOÑA CRISTINA stands in El Ñango, district of Montecaseros, San Martín, an area of the Central valley where the Mendoza desert already appears.
The vineyards are planted in rows oriented north / south. The clear skies provide long hours of sun during the day, ever since it is born until it goes out.

Each vineyard has its own climatic characteristic and thermic amplitude and its identity. In FINCA DOÑA CRISTINA -the company’s principal vineyard- dry air and a well-kept and ecologically protected space generate a healthy and balanced environment, without pests or diseases. For this, among others reason, the health of our grapes is exceptional.

Rain is scarce all year round, as in any desert climate. The sandy soil increases the quality of the grapes because it is permeable to a great depth, so that the water does not stop at the surface and easily passes to the lower layers, forcing the vines to strain and extend their roots in the bowels of the earth.

A grapevine bred in this way, in a hard and permanent struggle for subsistence, can only be prolonged in vigorous and healthy clusters where each grain of grape testifies to the eagerness to live and the effort to acquire its characteristic profile.

This is why our Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Sangiovese and Syrah vineyards have the typical varietal but also the personal touch of environment that produces them, unique and irreproducible: our wines, absolutely pure, can only originate in bunches equally pure, healthy, strong and fully natural.

In that semi-desert,irrigation is essential. We do it through a modern drip irrigation system. The water comes from a perforation of 300 ms. of depth where we have found a water table formed by the melting of the Andes, that we stored in a dam of 5,000,000 liters to irrigate the vineyards through 170,000 meters of conduits.

The process is managed by a computer that works in the heart of the estate, where an ecological park of ten hectares is born – that belongs to us and forms part of the farm- that we have left untouched, as nature did, with its flora and its native fauna, which with the contribution of its valuable biodiversity integrate the biotic complex of this excepcional estate.

In this climate and privileged environment that is a hymn to the value of natural resources and to the work of man, our grapes ripen in a correct way, acquire a different flavor and gradually become the ideal base to produce organic wine ALTO SALVADOR, which also has all the characteristics of the best conventional wines.