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The MALBEC ALTO SALVADOR has a dark purple color with violet reflections.
Its aroma and its flavor recreate a particular mixture of plums, cherry and ripe fruits with a touch of black pepper, which they feel with intensity.
It is a complex wine, with a firm structure and persistentend.
Of very defined personality, which increases its wealth over time, it is an authentic gift of the Mendoza sun.
It comes from 30 year age vineyards, located at a height of 750 m above sea level.

Ideal companion for Parmesan, Sardinian, Gouda cheeses; meat pies, roast meats – red deer, wild boar and so on -; stews, seafood casserole, paella.


Alcohol Total Acidity Sugar Volatile Acidity pH
14º 6,34 g/l 2,68 g/l 0,40 g/l 3,6

Alcohol: 14º
Total Acidity: 6,34 g/l
Sugar: 2,68 g/l
Volatile Acidity: 0,40 g/l
pH: 3,6